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Perch fishing

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Why not have a go at catching some specimen perch this winter.  Some of our lakes have perch up to 3-4 lbs in weight and are in cracking condition.  Jordan Sands sent in these photos with three perch he caught on Alice Springs, one of which was 2 lbs 6oz.  All were caught on worm and prawn.  

Perch caught on Alice Springs    

Alice Springs, Oasis and Rock pool are the lakes to target using lob worm or maggot.  No live baits are allowed.

Silver fish match Lobol AC

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Sunday (5th November) saw the first silver fish match of the season at Hampton.  Run over two consecutive weekends by Lobol Angling Club the matches are based on catches of silver fish only, F1’s are not included.  Alice Springs produced the best catches on the day with plenty of small roach, skimmers and perch to keep the floats going under.  The club’s next match is this Saturday with the overall winners of the competition decided.  

1  Barrie Carlson       23.00.0   Alice     – Pole White Maggots  Apart from 3 Hybrids all Roach Skimmers Perch Ide
2 Ashley Kewis          17.08.0   Alice    skimmers, Roach, Perch one small barbel – Pole Maggot/worm
3 Danny Boothroyd    16.00.0  Alice     Same species Pole maggot and caster
4 Sid Robinson           13.09.0  Alice     Same species Pole maggot
Hampton Springs open silver fish matches start on Sunday 19th November run by Wendy and Simon of Chester tackle Locker, to book on please ring 01244 345069.

Rules for specimen carp lake Folly

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

We have updated our rules on the specimen carp lake, please take time to make yourself fully aware of all the bait bans and rules.  We now sell fresh boilies and have extended the size of pellets we stock to include 8mm.


No juniors under the age of 14 allowed on Folly

Barbless hooks (maximum hook size 8)

Maximum of two rods per person

All anglers must have their own suitable landing net and large unhooking mat

No fixed leads, all leads must be free running

No braided line – including hook link

No Bait boats

Banned baits: Groundbait, floating baits, nuts, pet food and artificial baits

Only Hampton Springs boilies and coarse pellets allowed

No spectators

No swimming