Fixtures at Hampton Springs

16th Dec SunAlice Springs, Rock & Long island
Silver fish match, Book on with Chester tackle Locker, 01244 345069
Greyhound AC
Kevin Suddes
22nd Dec SatMeadows
Long island
Wirral BC
Wirral BC
23rd Dec SunAlice Springs, Rock, Long island
Silver fish match, Book on with Chester tackle Locker, 01244 345069
Kevin Suddes
29th Dec SatWillows & Long islandOpen match, Draw 9:30 am
30th Dec SunAlice Springs, Rock & Long islandSilver fish match, Book in with Wendy and Simon 01244 345069
1st Jan TueLakes to be decidedOpen match, Draw 9:30 am

Match Rules

It is the responsibility of all anglers to be aware of fishery rules prior to fishing. Always check with the bailiff or member of staff if there are any doubts.If any match angler is caught using any of the banned baits or methods listed below then they may be disqualified.  Each  match angler must have 2 keep nets, all silver fish and fish up to 1.5lb in one net with the remainder in second net.  Nets to be left on bank spread out to dry until 10mins before all in. Match rules
  • Barbless hooks only (maximum size 10). No Braided Line allowed.
  • Hampton Springs coarse pellets only for loose feeding and also in feeders and pellet cones.
  • No pet food, boilies, ground bait, bloodworm or joker.
  • No floating baits or pole, no PVA Bags or Balling in of any bait.
  • No tapping water with pole or cupping in water allowed.
  • No liquidised baits, 4mm cubed minimum meat size (max of 2 standard tins, 300g, only per match).
  • Maximum of 1 Kilo of worms per match.
  • All feeders (method, cage & blockends allowed on a rod only) must be free running/in line.  12” minimum hook length must be used. Except method feeder minimum 4” hook length.
  • No feeding with a pole whilst fishing a running line.  No leaving your peg to feed.
  • Keep-nets and landing nets must be dipped and then put on the bank to dry out and not placed in the water until 10 minutes before the match starts.
  • 2 keep-nets required silvers and fish less than 1.5lb in one net, over 1.5lb in other net.
  • Please take unused bait home, don’t throw it into the lakes.
  • If unsure of rules please ask the match organiser