Match Results

Match Results

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1st |December 2019Alice/Rock/Polplars

1Shaun GasgillSilvers13lb 4ozRock9
2Andy Nuttall Silvers 12lb 4oz Rock7
3Colin England Silvers   11lb 2oz Rock18
4Stu Holmes Silvers    10lb 10oz Poplars9

30th November 2019 Long/Meadows

1Ian lloydWirral BC75lb 10ozLong/Meadows30Carp on bomb and bread
2Ian Simpson Wirral BC 35lb Long/Meadows 18Ide/F1’s on pole and maggot
3Steve Brew Wirral BC   31lb 12oz Long/Meadows 28 Carp on bomb and pellet

10th November 2019Willows

1K SuddesKevin Suddes 8lb 10ozWillows9
2A AshleyKevin Suddes 8lb 10ozWillows1
3S BatesKevin Suddes 5lb 8ozWillows3
4J BrayfordKevin Suddes 4lb 6ozWillows4

9th November 2019Long Island

1Jeff GranthamWirral BC 100lbLong Island30Carp to 10lb on Bomb & Bread  
2Tony SlaterWirral BC 69lb 5ozLong Island16Carp, F1’s & Ide on Pole & Maggot 
3Ian LloydWirral BC 62lbLong Island28Carp to 7lb on Bomb & Bread 

3rd November 2019Oasis

1Pete HowardLymm AC32LbOasis3N/A
2Jimmy ByrneLymm AC31lb 9ozOasis8N/A
3Dave BowmanLymm AC28lb 6ozOasis6N/A

3rd November 2019Alice Springs

1Paul DensonLobol AC19lb 3ozAlice SpringsSkimmers/Roach
2Geoff SelbyLobol AC16lbAlice Springs
3Barry CarlsonLobol AC13lb 3ozAlice Springs
4Steve OrganLobol AC11lbAlice Springs

3rd November 2019Meadows

1Mally TaylorHolywell AC47lb 4ozMeadows24N/A
2Steve DeaconHolywell AC40lb 13ozMeadows3N/A
3Darren JonesHolywell AC38lb 4ozMeadows13N/A

26th October 2019Long Island

1Ian SimpsonWirral BC104lb 4ozLong Island30
2Jeff GranthamWirral BC98lb 10ozLong Island10
3Billy GoreWirral BC61lb 10ozLong Island28
4Kieran SmithWirral BC39lb 2ozLong Island18

20th October 2019Meadows

1Paul HarrisonHolywell AC83lb 12ozMeadows30Pellet
2Lee CampionHolywell AC68lb 14ozMeadows10Micros & 4mm expander 
3Graham PeabodyHolywell AC67lb 15ozMeadows28Hard pellet
4Steve WrightHolywell AC54lb 14ozMeadows18Pellet  

19th October 2019Meadows

1Alan GreyFern Villa 45lbMeadows
2Paul BlythFern Villa36lb 6ozMeadows– 
3Charles BrandonFern Villa32lb 8ozMeadows
4Bernard SwiftFern Villa24lb 8ozMeadows– 

13th October 2019Rock Pool

1Mike SteeleGreyhound AC 92lb 12ozRock Pool8Maggots in the margins 
2Ed AshleyGreyhound AC87lb 12ozRock Pool4Maggots & Paste in the margins  
3Boris TitchenerGreyhound AC65lb 4ozRock Pool20Maggots in the margins 

29th September 2019Long Island

1Paul ReynoldsWrexham Anglers 183lbsLong Island14
2Martin WedleyWrexham Anglers130lbsLong Island16– 
3Barry GabrielWrexham Anglers100lbsLong Island24
4Neil JonesWrexham Anglers88lbsLong Island39– 

28th September 2019Willows

1Neil JonesDougie Speed105lbWillows27
2Mike PeersDougie Speed 74lb 5ozWillows3
3Barry EdwardsDougie Speed 71lb 2ozWillows1

15th September 2019Rock Pool

1Mike SteeleGreyhound AC93lb 12ozRock Pool8Maggots in the margins
2Ed AshleyGreyhound AC 87lb 12ozRock Pool4Maggots & Paste in the margins 
3Boris TitchenerGreyhound AC 71lb 2ozRock Pool20Maggots in the margins

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