ESP Tungload 20lb Silt X-Stiff

Tungload 20lb Silt X-Stiff

Tungload 20lb Silt X-Stiff
Featuring the same super soft internal braid as the Soft and Semi-Stiff, with the same overall diameter, colours and breaking strain, the ESP Tungload X-Stiff has extra inherent rigidity, which pushes the hook bait away at the full extension from the lead while also preventing tangles, making it an excellent choice for distance casting and also as a boom section for Ronnie and Hinge rigs and stiff D rigs. It features an ultra-strong Dyneema core and straightens off the spool or can be steamed.

Available to buy online now. Only 6 available to buy online! Out of stock online.


  • Size: 10m - 20lb
  • Colour: Silt
  • Inherent rigidity
  • Pushes the hook bait away
  • Excellent for distance casting

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