Alice Springs

Prices (Pre-booking only)

Day Ticket 7am - 7pm

Night Ticket 7pm - 7am









To book call: 01948 820789

or email [email protected]

This two acre lake is widely regarded as one of the best mixed fishery lakes in the North-West. Well-stocked, with a wide variety of species, it is very popular with the pleasure angler who is after a specimen fish whether it is carp, bream perch or tench.

Don’t let this deter other anglers though as it also has plenty of smaller fish, skimmers, carp, crucians and tench. Mature trees and shrubs fringing the water and well-spaced pegs provide pleasant surroundings in which to settle in for a good days fishing.

There are carp to 20 lbs, chub, tench, bream, perch, roach, Crucian carp and barbel.

This lake is between 4 and 7’ in depth and has two central islands with lily beds adjacent to both. Most anglers fish the tip although the lake margins are very good by the pegs. It is popular with pole and waggler anglers too with the preferred baits being sweetcorn, luncheon meat, pellets, worm & maggots. It is good all round water with reasonable shelter from the wind.

A popular venue for Winter matches as stocked with a good supply of skimmers & roach with 1-2lb perch regularly caught, the maximum being around 4lbs. From March to October, Alice Springs is exclusively for Day ticket pleasure anglers.  In Winter months (mid Nov–end of Feb) on Sundays it has silver fish matches.

Please note that no dogs are allowed onsite.

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