Folly – (Booking only)

Specimen Carp Lake

Exclusively a Day Ticket Lake

If Folly is fully Booked, Why not try Long Island. At 2.5 acres its the seccond largest lake at Hampton Springs and Carp Dominate on this lake…

Folly Lake is booking only

For all booking enquiries on Folly Lake please either message us on Facebook or
e-mail with the date you would like to book, your name, telephone and e-mail as well as which peg you’d like (if you have a preference) and someone will get back to you as soon as possible

The 3 acre specimen carp lake at the furthest end of the site has mature trees and shrubs well landscaped around its perimeter providing a peaceful and secluded venue for the serious carp angler. Approximately 10 pegs are well-spaced around the lake. It is stocked with a good head of carp with the record in 2020 being a 29lb 14oz Common. Good fighting fish they can regularly be seen shoaling in summer months tantalising the angler!

Most anglers fish with two rods on this lake, one rod in the margin (deep) and one rod close to the island using pellet, corn, meat or Boilies. Hampton Springs feeding pellets can also be useful as can pva bags.

This lake has been developed and improved gradually over the years and is becoming a very popular venue for carp anglers

Handy Tips

  • Feed little and often
  • Fish margins – tight as you can
  • Fish to island and lily beds but don’t rule out open water
  • Scale down tackle
  • 6mm cubed meat
  • Sweetcorn in margins
  • Winter fishing – maggots, castors and worms (pinkies)

Folly Rules

  1. No children under 14 yrs of age to be left unsupervised on Folly
  2. You must have a sling and a mat (Over 5cm thick)
  3. Barbless hooks (Maximum hook size 8)
  4. Maximum of two rods per person
  5. Everyone must have an unhooking mat
  6. All anglers must have their own suitable 42″ net and large unhooking mat
  7. No fixed leads, all leads must be free running
  8. No braided mainline or leaders
  9. No surface fishing
  10. No bait boats
  11. No fires
  12. No radios
  13. Banned baits: Bread, Groundbait, Floating baits, Nuts, Pet food
  14. Only Hampton Springs boilies and coarse pellets allowed
  15. No swimming
  16. Must drop leads on take

The management will not be held responsible for the loss of tackle or damage to cars and reserves the right to amend the rules at anytime

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