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Fish Legally, Rod licence holders only

We try to keep strict rules in place to keep the fishery as good as it possibly can be and we pride ourselves in offering a fantastic fishing experience.
Lets try to keep it that way!

  • No children under 14 yrs of age to be left unsupervised

  • Maximum of 2 rods per person

  • Barbless hooks only (No hooks larger than size 8)

  • Banned baits: Bread, Nuts, Floating bait, Groundbait, Trout pellet paste, Liquidised bread, Bloodworm & Joker, Mole soil or Leam

  • Only Hampton Springs boilies and coarse pellets allowed

  • Everyone must have an unhooking mat

  • All nets must be dipped before fishing

  • Keepnets are only allowed during matches (maximum 50 lb per net)

  • No braided main lines

  • No surface fishing

  • No fires

  • No radios

  • No dogs allowed at any time

  • All litter to be placed in the bins provided

  • No swimming

Handy Tips

  • Feed little and often

  • Fish margins – tight as you can

  • Fish to island and lily beds but don’t rule out open water

  • Scale down tackle

  • 6mm cubed meat

  • Sweetcorn in margins

  • Winter fishing – maggots, castors and worms (pinkies)

£10 charge for rod retrieval from any lake

The management will not be held responsible for the loss of tackle or damage to cars and reserves the right to amend the rules at anytime.

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