Hampton Springs
Fishery open 7am - 7pm every day

General Rules

Fish Legally, Rod licence holders only

We try to keep strict rules in place to keep the fishery as good as it possibly can be and we pride ourselves in offering a fantastic fishing experience.Lets try to keep it that way!

  • No children under 14 yrs of age to be left unsupervised
  • No dogs allowed at any time
  • Paying anglers only allowed on site.
  • Visitors must be cleared with fishery team prior to arrival
  • Opening/closing times are non negotiable
  • Maximum of 2 rods per person
  • Zig rigs on one rod only. Minimum 10lb breaking strain line
  • Barbless hooks only includes crushed Barbs (No hooks larger than size 8)
  • Banned baits: Bread, No Floating baits
  • All Spod and Spod Rockets must float
  • Only Hampton Springs boilies and coarse pellets allowed
  • Everyone must have an unhooking mat
  • All nets must be dipped before fishing
  • Keepnets are only allowed during matches (maximum 50 lb per net)
  • No braided main lines (Braid reel line on spod and marker rods only)
  • Leadcore/fused leaders are allowed but must not be more than 1m in length
  • No surface fishing
  • No fires (BBQs can be used if off the ground)
  • No radios
  • All litter to be placed in the bins provided
  • No swimming
  • No parking/driving on the grass
  • Vehicles to park in designated car parks
  • No unloading at swims
  • Bivvies must be pitched at designated swims (No tents)
  • Respect other anglers and keep within stated swim boundaries
  • Intoxicated/anti-social anglers will be asked to leave the fishery
  • No air rifles or other weapons
  • Do not cut foliage or trees without the fishery teams permission
  • You must leave the site before the time on your day ticket
  • You must have a suitable carp care liquid for treating any injuries to landed fish
  • Fish can be retained for no longer than 60 minutes and be out of the water for the minimum time possible
  • All fish must be weighed and photographed safely in the swim they were landed from
  • Please inform the fisheries team immediately if you see any dead, injured, or distressed fish

Handy Tips

  • Feed little and often
  • Fish margins – tight as you can
  • Fish to island and lily beds but don’t rule out open water
  • Scale down tackle
  • 6mm cubed meat
  • Sweetcorn in margins
  • Winter fishing – maggots, castors and worms (pinkies)

£10 charge for rod retrieval from any lake