Korda Distance Stick

Distance Stick

Distance Stick
Korda Distance Sticks are a colaboration between JAG and Korda. Manufactured in England by JAG, they are machined from solid aluminium and finished in a super-hard anodised coating. The only parts that aren't made from aluminium are the auger points on the ground spikes, which are stainless steel for extra durability. Each stick is engineered with special grooves to prevent the line from spilling off and drilling the sticks into the ground is easy with the specially designed points and T-Bar. A calibrated measuring cord ensures the correct distance between the sticks and this is marked for accurate readings.

Available to buy online now. Only 0 available to buy online! Out of stock online.


  • Collaboration between JAD and Korda
  • Made in England
  • Solid aluminium
  • Super-hard anodised coating
  • Special grooves

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